Little Sherman was in our care for a mere 24 hours but he left a huge imprint on everyone who met him. Sherman was surrendered to us at 7 weeks of age because he couldn’t walk and was therefore, unadoptable.

NASAP took him to the vet for x-rays where it was discovered he was born without hips and would never be able to walk or support his weight as he grew older. It was also determined that he was behind in his mental development and his jaw and front legs were not quite correct. If he had lived he would no doubt have had many medical problems as he continued to grow. Despite his troubles little Sherman was determined to get around and managed to drag himself all over the place with his front legs; as a result he had wounds on his back feet, toes and hips where they were rubbed raw from dragging himself across the cement and other types of flooring. It was difficult to watch so I would carry him as much as possible. This sweet little fellow was such a joy to know in the short period he was with us and although it was right the thing to do,  it still broke my heart to say goodbye to such a precious little life. Sherman’s ashes are now buried under the willow tree in our yard where we often stop to remember his large personality and spirit. God bless, wee Sherman, have fun in doggie heaven where you are free of pain and joyously running wherever you go. Follow your nose and your heart… The Clarke Family