Misty came to live with me in her twilight years at the ripe old age of 11½ , She is the first dog I ever had soul guardian ship of, what a great way to start. Although she lost 12 of her remaining 14 teeth in the first two weeks I had her she seemed to blossom after that, her heart mummer went away and her personality came out. She was a tough little dog, snapping at pretty much any size of dog that got in her face too much. There were days she would make me forget her age, running around like a puppy in spite of her seizures. She was relaxed and always made me smile. She convinced me that Poodles are the Best type of dog… and I convinced her to be a proud poodle at the same time. She was timid when she arrived, but within weeks her tail came out from between her legs and she learned to love people and socializing even with other dogs. She is the only dog my father has every truly liked. He would ask when I would arrive at my parent’s home, “where’s the little dog?” before even saying hello to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better start into the dog world. She truly was an angel to me and for that I will always be thankful. I would like to thank NASAP for trusting her to my care and for the Support they gave her as well. NASAP are truly angels in the help they give animals in need. The photo attached is one of my favorites… “Misty with her face in the breeze.” She was a regal little one.