To this House She came in February 1998
To this House She has departed August 2004
She came into My life as a stray, 5 months after My Mother was buried.
In My Mind, She was led to watch over Me and I Her, By My Mothers Soul
When She Came to Me, She was at least 4 years old
She was the most Loving, Compassionate Being God ever set upon this earth and into My care
She was My inspiration in Life, She was My Friend and My Companion
Up until this last month, She was with Me always, showing and giving Her undying Love
She is MY “Bear”, a name I gave to Her.
She will live for eternity in My Heart and She will be waiting for Me I have no doubt when it is MY time to join Her and My Mother and Father
She succumbed to “Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia”, a blood deficiency identified in female K9’s
She is at Peace now, and in Gods Heaven, She romps and plays with Her Brother Buster, Our Family Cat, who recently passed away due to Old Age
Together they are buried side by side in our yard of this “Their House”
Always Remembered, Never Forgotten
My Friend, My Companion, My Bear
God Rest your soul Bear, and Peace Be with you.

Ralph and Brenda Nelson